Q & A with Jamie Newberg

Lexington KY... The Big Blue Nation has a chat with Jamie Newberg of NewbergRecruiting.com. He give his thoughts about the University of KY and high school players from the state.

Q & A with Jamie Newberg

1. What is the perception now of UK, with the recruits and high school coaches, since the sanctions have been levied against them by the NCAA? Has it made a difference with them now that UK has replaced almost the entire last coaching regime and the Athletic Director?

It seems to me that not too much is being expressed about that from the recruits. I have only spoken with a handful of recruits interested in Kentucky and they have not brought that up to me. Once again, KY must get better on the field and not worry about what happened off. It was a different staff and everyone needs to focus on the future. The problem is that recruiting is tough and cut throat. Other schools are going to use what happened against them. But like I said, winning could really overcome a lot of that.

2. In your opinion, what is the most important factor, or factors, in a recruit choosing a certain school, playing time, tradition, previous year's won loss record, location, facilities, coaching staff, academics, etc.?

Every recruit is completely different but I ask that very same question to each and every recruit I interview for the first time. Most of the time, the typical answer is playing time. Initially, it is the popular answer to that question. These kids are the high school stars for their teams and they want to play right away. But obviously other factors weigh very heavily into a prospect's decision - academics, coaching staff, position coach, environment on and off the field, conference, and winning. But the most popular answer is without a doubt, playing time.

3. Have you had a chance to look over the top prospects in the state of KY?Namely Andre Woodson, Mike Bush, Brodie Overstreet, and John Logan?

John Logan was outstanding at the Alabama Nike Camp. He has good size and great speed. Logan ran a sub-4.4 forty on a slow surface. Logan has terrific hands and is one of the top receivers in the South. I have not seen Michael Bush yet on film but I have heard incredible things about him. I even heard about him when he was a sophomore. He played on the same team as Montrell Jones (TN) and folks say he is a much better player and prospect. At this time, I do not know about Woodson and Overstreet.

4. All of the top programs keep their instate talent home. Do you eversee the state of Kentucky producing enough talent and keeping it at home to be competitive in the SEC?

No because the population base is small, just like the state of Tennessee. If you take a close look at Tennessee, they only sign a few kids ever year from the Volunteer state. That is because Tennessee has a small population base compared to states like Florida and Georgia. A smaller base usually means less big time recruits. That is why you see Tennessee go and get kids from all over the region and country. Kentucky is in the same situation. Now there are bonafide SEC caliber players in the state of Kentucky but the numbers are just smaller. Guys like Michael Bush, John Logan, Eric Shelton, Tim Couch, Dennis Johnson, etc., are prospects that could play for anyone in the country. Kentucky, like Tennessee, needs to sign the top in -state kids and then go and get top prospects from their other recruiting bases.

5. Who are some of the top recruiters in the SEC? If you had to name one who would be the top recruiter in the nation?

I do not know if I could single out one coach as THE top recruiter in the land or in the SEC. But there are certainly a good number of great recruiters like Rodney Garner (UGA), John Lilly (FSU), Billy O'Brien (GT), Woody McCorvey (TN), Eddie Gran (AU), Rick Stockstill (CLEM), Mike McIntyre (OM), etc. The list is extensive and all of these guys are VERY good at recruiting. I mean, every team as at least one coach that is top-notch when it comes to recruiting. You have to have those guys on staff because recruiting is so competitive. On the national scene guys like Lloyd Carr (MICH), Mack Brown (TX), Buddy Teevens (Stan), David Kelly (Stan), etc. are all excellent recruiters with great reputations. If I had to really single out a few Kelly (Stan) and Garner (UGA) are two of the best.

The Big Blue Nation would like to thank Jamie Newberg of NewbergRecruiting.com for stopping by and we will have more Q & A with him as the season unfolds.

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