Ramel Bradley opens up the bank

Ramel Bradley took the name of the arena he was playing in on Friday to heart. At the US Bank Arena the bank was indeed open for Bradley, when he hit a bank shot from behind the arc to pull his Wildcats to within a single point of the Ohio University Bobcats.

In the Ohio University win for the Wildcats, there were ironies abound circulating around one, Ramel Bradley. The Wildcats were victorious over the Bobcats 71-63 in a hard fought battle.

The UK basketball team was playing their last game on the Cincinnati contract in the US Bank Arena. Ramel Bradley opted to make a deposit in the bank and let it set for a spell to draw interest. Given the largest crowd at the arena in three years, or maybe ever, one would think Mister Bradley would like to at some time, reopen the bank and draw out his assets.

At the 5:49 mark of the second half and the Wildcats staring at a four-point deficit, from straight away outside, Bradley banked in a 3-pointer to draw the Cats to within one point.

We had alluded to in a previous Christmas gift article about the tongue-in-cheek reference to Bradley getting more nerve to shoot the ball when he's open - more tranquilizers for Tubby Smith! When Bradley's on the floor, a lot of his shots have the "oh no…good shot" connotation attached to them.

When Bradley comes off the bench, you know something's going to happen quickly, good or bad. Most of the time he'd instant offense. Bradley's first shot against OU at the 15:14 mark of the first half gave the UK it first of only two early leads in the game until the 2:30 mark of the second half.

It's obvious that Bradley has never been told about the legendary Al McGuire logic and or theory of shooting when coming off the bench. Or maybe coach Smith has told him and it just doesn't work – more tranquilizer for Smith. The very popular McGuire was the Marquette University head coach, sometimes unpopular with UK fans, turned TV analyst, who made popular the theory of not shooting the ball coming of the bench until you had at least broken a sweat. Obviously that doesn't work for Bradley, given that New York swagger.

Tim O'Shea, the OU head coach commented on the Bradley bank shot: "There are certain moments in the game when you say maybe it's not our night and that moment for me was when that kid banked in the three. We were up four and I thought that was a huge momentum swing for them."

We asked Bradley about the irony of the bank-shot in such a crucial time in US Bank Arena? "Hah, hah, that should be a headline," the exuberant Bradley said with a big laugh. "That is kind of ironic but I'm just glad the shot went down."

The 18 points Bradley scored is a career high for him. Perhaps, Tubby Smith is getting a little more accustom to the ‘Bradley Swagger' and can eventually put away his bottle of tranquilizers. But then again, maybe he'll keep some around for emergencies!

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