Lucas Wants to Build Own Legacy

When your brother has single-handidly graced the cover of every major college basketball magazine in the country and your father was an ex-NBA All-Star, you find it very hard to not be noticed.

"It has it's advantages and disadvantages," Jai Lucas told KSR Radio on being the brother of John Lucas III of Oklahoma State fame and ex-NBA All-Star John Lucas. "Some people hate against you and your last name and constantly you have people saying you are soft because you grew up with everything."

"But it has its advantages too," Lucas explained, "because a lot of people come out and see you play, so that gives you a chance to get more exposure."

As a junior, Jai needed no introduction, averaging 13 points and 9 assists a game for Bellaire (Tx.) High. The results moved the Houston native towards the top of the point guard rankings in the class of 2007.

"I'm a true point guard, I get my teammates involved and I run the team," Lucas explained. "I score when I have too."

Lucas' early list consists of Kentucky, Kansas, LSU, Michigan, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but don't be thinking he'll tip his hand early.

"Nah, not right now," Lucas said "It's too early. Kentucky is like God's basketball, with Duke and North Carolina. They are the upper echelon of college basketball. The best play there."

Oklahoma State had figured to be a key opponent in the race for Lucas' services considering the ties to his brother, but the 5-foot-10, 150 pound point guard insists that's not the case and in fact, might work against the Cowboys.

"I wanna build my own legacy," Lucas explained. "I want to build my own name and not the one with me and my brother. Or my Dad. I want my own."

Lucas says he still owes a great deal of gratitude to his family for their part in his basketball efforts. "Everything I've learned from them," Lucas said. "My game is there game. It's the reason why I have such a basketball IQ. It all comes from them."

Lucas recently had a school visit from Kentucky assistant coach, Reggie Hanson.

Listen to the entire interview: Lucas talks recruiting (Segment 3)

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