A family affair

Over the years a number of family members have joined UK players in calling Lexington home. One of the latest is Trans Perry, brother of the Wildcats' Bobby Perry. What is the draw that makes family members of athletes call Lexington home?

Over the years it's been interesting to observe the family transients follow their siblings to Lexington who have decide to cast their athletic lot with the Wildcats.

The latest of the relocations are the brother of Bobby Perry - Trans Perry, the brother of Ravi MossAustin Moss, and at one time last year, the Brother of Randolph Morris was seen around on a regular basis. In the case of Ravi Moss, his brother is a walk-on 6-foot-1, 235-pound defensive end to Wildcat football team. On two different occasions last season, he was voted scout team player of the week.

It is a safe conclusion that the presence of those siblings offers solace for potential home sickness, family support, and in most cases a leaning post since the brother of the athlete in most cases is older. The occasional exception was the older brother of Rodrick Rhodes who allegedly was a distraction.

It is also interesting that several of those players in addition to the siblings wind up settling in Lexington as a home place. What is the reason for this?

Trans (Am) Perry, have car will travel…to Lexington, not that that's what he drives, was asked was it something infectious about Lexington? "This is a nice place similar to Durham (North Carolina)," Trans Perry said, "not to big and not to small."

Trans Perry, who graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana said when his brother went to the Kentucky Derby he was sold on Kentucky. "He loves the horses and goes over to Keeneland during the spring and fall meets. He loves to watch the horses run. We always watched it on TV and said, what's two minutes of racing but it's a lot more to it that just the two minutes."

Perry played in the Derby Festival Classic in Louisville in 2003 where he, no doubt, fell in love with the horses. This writer, having observed Perry in the Derby Classic is in wait for that week's performance to return to Perry's game. The week's activities included a three point shooting contest in which Perry was the runner-up to Mohamed Abukar and Perry backed that up by having a good performance in the game shooting the ball. Granted, there is, most of the time, very little defense played in those classics. Abukar was recruited hard by UK and subsequently committed to Florida. Abukar didn't live up to his billing at Florida and transferred back home to San Diego State College.

Trans Perry said: "We come from a community where there are three universities, Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State. You've just got all those schools and everybody likes all those schools, but here everybody likes UK. It's like one big family."

One can imagine, Trans, in attendance to games at Rupp Arena, he feels the effects and hears the groans of fans on a missed Perry put back as well as the exhilaration when he goes skyward, catches a pass and all in one motion banks in a much needed basket from five feet against UCF University.

Perry's parents demand his getting an education and his of the court priority is in order. He plans to get a degree in Business Management.

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