Time for Tubby to go radical

With Tubby Smith's squad limited to only one legitimate post presence it is time for a radical departure from the traditional lineup featuring two big men. The time has come for Tubby to play a four-guard lineup and Randolph Morris.

Tubby Smith is going to have to do something he doesn't like doing. He's going to have to change his philosophy and make some radical changes in this team if Kentucky is going to regroup and play in the NCAA Tournament.

He can't wait any longer to admit he's only got one power forward or center who deserves significant minutes and that's Randolph Morris. So rather than continue to try and find ways to get some production out of his other inside players, he needs to make a change.

Start Morris and four guards. Take Rajon Rondo, Joe Crawford, Patrick Sparks, Ramel Bradley and Ravi Moss and put four of those players on the court with Morris. Sure, it will cause defensive mismatches. Sure, it could cause rebounding problems. But what could it hurt?

This team has problems. Big, big problems. So why not change and force an opponent to have to adapt its defense to counter UK's quickness on offense and create some havoc with an aggressive, pressing defense?

Smith normally adjusts his lineup to neutralize an opponent's strengths. Nothing wrong with that when you can do it and Smith has won a lot of games that way. But that's not going to work this year because the Cats are not getting quality interior play on a consistent basis. So make a change.

Let the smaller, quicker lineup rip and run. Put the pressure on the opponent. Give Morris a chance to show he can carry a bigger rebounding load and play some defense.

Maybe it won't work. But after the way UK has played the last month, why not give it a try.

"Actually, maybe it would help us," senior Ravi Moss said when asked about a smaller lineup. "That's not my decision, but we have to do something. We have too many guys standing around. If that would shake us up and get us going, it might be worth a try."

Smith could still go back to a more conventional lineup at times during games. But 15 games into the season, it's obvious this team needs drastic changes and with the limited options Smith has, going small seems to be a viable option.

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