VAUGHT: Sparks' shot more than random chance

While Patrick Sparks' long range bomb on Saturday may not have been drawn up by the UK staff, the fact that he connected was more than just random chance. Larry Vaught spoke to Sparks about that shot and you may be surprised to hear what he had to say.

Were you as stunned as I was when Patrick Sparks launched that 29-foot bomb at the end of Kentucky's win over South Carolina Saturday? However, I have another surprise for you. Sparks actually practices that shot and ones like it almost every day.

"I shoot long shots like that a lot. I try to do it when I am tired because I know if I have to take a shot like that in a game, it will probably come toward the end when I am tired. So I work on shooting from that far out just in case a play like that happens," Sparks said.

Seriously? Come on, Patrick. Is that really the truth?

"Yes. I honestly did not know how far back I was on that shot. They were trying to switch guys on me and got a little confused. I saw I was open and just decided to let it go. I thought I could make the shot," Sparks said.

He was right because the shot got nothing but net and added another chapter to his late-game heroics to go with key shots he hit last year against Louisville and Michigan State. Makes one wonder why he was watching from the sideline at the end of the Alabama game when UK needed a similar type shot. However, that is in the past and Sparks and his teammates are ready to move forward.

"I would not call this a season-saving game. We are just a little over halfway through the year. I hope this does build momentum for us and gets us going. This is a win that we really needed. Every win we get, the more confidence we have. We are not where we want to be yet, but if we go to Auburn and get another win, then we will be a step closer to getting our season back together," Sparks said.

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