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You know about our website but do you know about our magazine. Learn more and get read free excerpts from our upcoming magazine, one on Joe Hall's feeling about "Glory Road" and the other about Patrick Sparks' career at UK.

If you are here, you already know about our website. has a great website community where you can interact with hundreds of fans every day for free on our messageboards. Our moderaotrs have been with KSR for many years and facilitate fantastic and interesting discussions about UK sports. We also provide great free news articles.  In fact, about 1/2 of our articles are free, so make this a regular stop to get the latest on the Kentucky Wildcats.

For fans that crave a little more detailed information, KSR also has a premium section on its website. For just $9.95 per month, you can access thousands of articles and team and player data bases on the Scout Network, so that you can keep up with not only the Cats, but other teams as well as in-depth coverage as as to where all the great high school recruits are thinking about heading to college.

KSR has an impressive staff of featured columnists including Larry Vaught, sports editor for the Danvillle Advocate Messenger, Jim Tirey, the popular former radio talk show host on WLAP, Lonny Demaree, a well-known radio talk show host on WVLK and fixture around UK Athletics for many, many years. KSR recently added Keith Taylor to its staff. Keith is the sports editor for the Wincester Sun. He is also a freelance writer for the Associated Press and a member of the Kentucky Sportswriting Association. We also have experts like Rob Gidel, a radio talk show host and long time writer for the Scout Network and Inside Kentucky magazine. Rob gives everyone the low down on the latest in recruiting. We also have a strong web community of people that keep their ear low to the ground and really understand what goes on around the sports community. We also have Ryan Lemond, the popular television sportscaster for WLEX-TV in Lexington.  

Commit to a $29.95 three month trial and we'll throw in all the issues of Kentucky Sports Report, the magazine, that is released durng the same that three month window.

The magazine features in-depth articles on players and coaches and really allows you to better get to know the people that make up the Kentucky Wildcats. Here is an example of an in-depth article on Patrick Sparks from Larry Vaught that will be coming out in our next issue:

His father isn't sure everyone understands how competitive his son is. Patrick Sparks seldom shows emotion on the court and even when he makes a flashy play, he'll not celebrate like many players do. "He is very serious. He's a student of the game. He studies teammates and the other team," Steve Sparks said. "He doesn't get credit for that, and doesn't expect to. He's not a chest thumper. He wants to do his job and do it the best way he can. It hurts him to lose. But he's never going to show much emotion win or lose. If he shows too much, it might give something away." Perhaps that?s why Patrick Sparks didn't overreact earlier this season when a UK official made a derogatory comment about him in a national magazine and implied he was not cooperative with media members. "I didn't think it was fair or right, but I moved on. I couldn't let that ruin my season," Patrick Sparks said.

His father said the comments hurt him. "He's a lot more sensitive than people think, or want to believe. If Patrick doesn't have a perfect game or make a big shot, it's not from a lack of desire. If you question this or that about him, I am sure it is hurtful. Yet I would guarantee you that Patrick has done everything preparing for a game that you could possibly do. I have seen it too many times. But we are all human. There have been some things said that upset and hurt him and his family, but he understands that comes with the territory and probably deals with it better than I do."

Our next issue also features a great interview with cormer coach Joe B. Hall by Keith Taylor on his impressions of the movie "Glory Road." Ryan Lemond has two articles. In one Ryan profiles some pretty famous walk-on's at Kentucky. Im another, Ryan speculates on how the Kentucky football team may use the versatie Curtis Pulley next season. Jim Tirey writes an exception piece on how the upcoming quarterback battle may shape up in the future. Larry Vaught also profiles John Holmes, from the UK Golf Team. And finally, Lonny Demaree profiles Kentucky Special Teams coach Steve Ortmayer. It, like our other issues, all have player and coaches quotes and provide in-depth coverage of Kentucky sports in 32-compact pages. We also have some really incredible photos in each issue for you to enjoy.

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Here is another free excerpt from our next upcoming issue, Keith Taylor's interview of Joe B. Hall about the movie, "Glory Road."

Hall said Rupp and his staff prepared for the game just like it would have any other contest at the time. “It was just like any other game,” Hall said. “There was no mention of them (Texas Western) being an African-American team. There were no confederate flags or anything like that. Texas Western was a very good team.” Hall said that Rupp and his staff made “no excuses or anything like that,” after losing any game, but added that a “lack of knowledge” of the talent at Texas Western may have contributed to the final outcome. “Maybe we overlooked them,” he said. “We did not know much about them.” Following the contest, Hall was impressed with the Miners.

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