SIGNING DAY: The New National Holiday?

February has never been very kind to the American male, at least not since Halmark was welcomed so graciously into our lives.

Home to arguably the stupidest holiday in the history of mankind - the cash cow of all cash cows, trailing the 8 grand you spent on Christmas by a mere two months - the idea of spending more money on Valentine's Day just never caught on for the specie.

So in an effort to boost spirits and give male neanderthals one last dose of happiness before they spend more of their hard earned cash on gift wrapped teddy bears, the football Gods created a new unproductive holiday. One that not only fulfilled the unrelenting need for their annual football fix, but also mixed in drama, excitement, anticipation and of course ... education.

Let's not forget, education.

In an alliance the BCS would love to boast each and every passing year, the football Gods looked down upon its poor male souls and gave them National Signing Day.

Sorry, Saint Valentine ... you had a good run.

Yes, the first Wednesday in February used to serve as a wake-up call for the fateful holiday only one week away, but for recruitniks its the day the entire nation of fans comes together in joint celebration.

Everybody, from Army to Delaware, is improving. Everyone, from Louisville to Kansas, is happy. And every no-name from Paducah to Charleston is a diamond in the rough. For fans, boosters and recruitniks alike - male or female - it has become larger than life.

And in February of all places, to the dismay of every female.

Rarely in sport is there such an occurence where everyone is satisfied.

There are winners and there are losers.

There are disappointments and there are overachievers.

There are rankings and there are expectations.

But not on signing day.

The numbers rarely look bad on paper. The stars are just as important as the paper you put them on.

And what about that linebacker you need a dictionary to un-jumble his name? Well, he might just pronounce it Urlacher or Arrington.

The fun? It's only begun.

In the end, it's a holiday of joy. A holiday of uncertainty. But most importantly, a holiday where the presents don't always come wrapped and the date isn't always set.

Just because you danced with her for eight months doesn't mean she'll go to the prom with you and just because you're pretty, doesn't mean you'll get asked.

Oddly enough, in recruiting, there is always an easier and more appealing dance partner.

And they wonder why it caught on so quick?

Welcome to our version of signing day, the new national holiday. Saint Valentine eat your heart out.

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