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Woodson has rethought his list of schools. See how UK stands with this super prep prospect, and check out his exciting highlight film!!!

Radcliff, Ky 


Deciding your future at a young age can be a difficult thing for most kids.  I know that it took me a few years to get comfortable with my situation.  Yet, Andre seems to be completely at ease when talking about making a huge decision about his future.


He is taking his time, weighing his options, and making what is best of the situation.  Most kids and parents dread the recruiting process, but Andre and his mother have actually enjoyed it.  With new coaches calling every week, the young man simply says, "I am just having a little fun with it (the recruiting process)."


Of course, Andre can do whatever he wants concerning recruiting.  Having just been invited to the Elite 11 camp in California, he has the world in his hands.  Officially, he is now one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and can pick and choose where he goes. 


One would expect such a quarterback to have nothing but the perennial powerhouses on his list of schools to attend next fall.  Not so with Woodson for he is looking at schools that he believes will give him the maximum amount of playing time. 


He also wants to throw a lot, so Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky are his top three choices.  When discussing the Cats, Andre stated, "Kentucky, the main team I am looking at right now, they have been looking at me for a while.  I really know and like Coach Pease, I like his style."


Andre went on to say that he likes Coach Morriss by adding, "He is not like, from what I hear, Coach Mumme who doesn't talk to you and lets his other coaches do the recruiting.   Coach Morriss really talked to me and got to know me and I really like his style."


With Andre being ranked as one of the top QBs in the country, if he were to commit to the Cats, there would be comparisons to a former highly recruited in-state quarterback, Tim Couch.  Although Andre knows he is good, he has not developed an ego that leads him to believe he is to the icon's status on the football field.  "Tim Couch left some big shoes to fill.  I don't know if I can do as good as Tim Couch did, but I really see myself helping UK out if I decide to go there.  I feel that I can help the team out a lot just like Tim Couch helped the team out."


Will Andre give an early commitment, knowing that could be the start of a talent landslide for whatever team he chooses?  "I will make my decision sometime during the season, or maybe right before the season."


And we all will be waiting anxiously.


Andre Woodson is a 6'5", 220 lb QB out of Radcliff, Ky.  Last year he had 1430 yards, passing at a 49% completion percentage.



Check out the video interview here only at the Big Blue Nation, to see how he feels about UK, the schools on his list, and what he sees in his future.


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