Cole Peace: Star QB from Alabama interested in UK

Sifting through a mass of 240 players can be a daunting task. Fortunately there are always a few that seem to step away from the crowd and shine above the rest. At the Capital City Combine in Montgomery Alabama, Cole Peace did just that.

It shows in his list of schools with Alabama, Miss. State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Louisville, Middle Tennessee, and of course the University of Kentucky all vying for his services. But, as of now there are no favorites. Cole states, that as of now, "I'm just having fun with it, I'm wide open."

The star power is also evident in his physical stats. Although he is listed at only 6'1" (which is considered a bit short at the quarterback position), his high release and 6'5" wingspan make up for that lack of height. He also benches 300 and squats 375, large numbers for a quarterback.

Then there are his junior season numbers, 2000+ yards passing, 23 touchdowns, and has started since he was in 9th grade. His confidence and poise while talking to me made it clear that he has a drive, a need to win. When asked what he was looking for in a University, he simply stated "To win a national championship."

All of the stats just enhanced his performance at the Capital City Combine. On that Saturday morning he ran a 4.8 forty time on a day that was terribly slow. It was cold, it was wet, and worst of all the ground was slippery, so nobody was getting a good jump off the line. He then pulled off a 28 inch vertical, off of soggy grass with little chance to warm up.

In the afternoon, he showed a strong arm and quick high release. Although there was not much opportunity to show his ability to read a defense, his highlight tapes more than prove the ability to spot a blind side rush before it happened.

We were impressed, as all the Alabama media told us we would be. Plus, it would be ironic if by some chance UK got a quarterback with the last name of Peace. Coach Pease instructing Cole Peace, now what magic could that bring?

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