TAYLOR: Taylor's Pre-Tournament Thoughts

Now that the regular season is in the record books, it's time to reflect back on a rare, but weird campaign. Enjoy a look back, before looking ahead:

Most consistent player: Patrick Sparks.

Sparks, who has started every game this season, has been one of the team's most consistent players on an inconsistent team. Despite a slump early in the season, Sparks remains the team's top 3-point player.

Heartbeat of the Cats: Ravi Moss.

Perhaps the best non-scholarship player to play at Kentucky.

Biggest surprise: Brandon Stockton.

The senior has taken over the role as floor leader down the stretch, swiping the job from Rajon Rondo.

Biggest surprise II: Joe Crawford.

If Crawford ever puts a string of consistent performances together, look out. This guy could be dangerous.

Biggest non-surprise: Rekalin Sims.

Hasn't been the player everyone expected to somewhat replace Chuck Hayes. Several players are worthy of this honor.

Memorable performance: Preston LeMaster.

LeMaster's 12-point performance against Ole Miss shows what Tubby has on the bench.

Memorable performance II: Rajon Rondo's last-second shot to send Kentucky past South Carolina at Rupp Arena.

Games to forget: Sweep by Vanderbilt.

Vandy has proven to be a tough matchup for the Cats.

Games to remember: Wins over Louisville and at Tennessee.

This list has some potential for growth. Oops, forgot about West Virginia.

No surprise: Losses to Iowa and North Carolina.

A bad dream?: Loss at Indiana.

Difference-maker: Randolph Morris.

Imagine if Morris was still on the bench on a full-time basis.

Thank goodness for: Rajon Rondo.

Rondo gives the Cats a penetrating weapon.

Coaching move of the year: Tubby Smith's gutsy grading system, which overhauled his starting lineup.

Biggest letdown: Loss to Florida on Senior Day.

Mr. Steady: Who else but Bobby Perry?

Bone-headed move: Ramel Bradley's breaking his hand after hitting the brace support during practice. It's hard for flesh to bend metal.

Should have: Redshirted Jared Carter.

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