VAUGHT: Carter speaks out on not redshirting

Larry Vaught asked Jared Carter about his playing time and whether or not he regreting the decision to not redshirt. Click here to find out what Jared said.

For those who think Jared Carter may have second thoughts about not redshirting this season, think again. Despite his limited playing time, the Kentucky freshman center is glad he did not redshirt.

"It's too late to worry about whether not wanting to redshirt was right or wrong. I made my bed. I got in a couple of times and that's an experience in itself I would not trade for anything," said Carter. "I learned more by playing in just a few games than I would have if I had redshirted. The advantage of not redshirting is that I still got to play in front of big crowds. I found out what it was like to get hyped when you make a shot or get a rebound. It's a great feeling. Getting in games is a whole different feeling from just sitting on the bench like I would have if I had just redshirted."

Carter learned this year that he has to spend this summer lifting weights, gaining weight and working on his inside game if he wants to become a bigger contributor for Kentucky next season. "This summer I am really going to work hard so I can play more next year," Carter said. "It was a big adjustment at first from high school, but I have learned so much.

"Going against Randolph Morris every day has been unbelievable. Even teams I have come in and gone against, nobody has had a player like Randolph Morris. He is the strongest guy I have played against. It has made me get better going against him. It really helps to have someone stronger showing you what you have to do. Sometimes I can out play him, but then he gets made and he'll block my shot, take the ball from me or just score over me. He's unbelievable."

But what about all those rumors that Carter has been unhappy and contemplating a transfer? "Nothing to them. I don't know how they got started. Kentucky is a great team to play for. It's a great experience here. Even though I have not played that much, the few times I have been on the floor have been great and I can only imagine what it will be like when I get to play a lot more," Carter said.

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