Edwards worthy of Morehead consideration

As Morehead continues its search for a new head basketball coach to succeed Kyle Macy, I hope Morehead officials at least consider former Kentucky player Allen Edwards for the job.

No, he does not have head coaching experience. However, Edwards, 30, has worked for Macy the last three years and understands the pros and cons of coaching, and recruiting, at Morehead.

Obviously, the leading candidate appears to be former Morehead standout Kelly Wells, who is now coaching in Hawaii. And he should be a strong, strong candidate because of his background and ties to Morehead.

But that doesn't mean Edwards should be ignored. He's been involved in various parts of the program the last three years from recruiting to scouting to on-court teaching to game preparation. He's done individual workouts as well as monitored classroom progress. He's not been involved in scheduling or budgeting, but those are things he can learn with guidance from his athletics director.

Edwards can motivate players. I have no doubt about that. He could also bring a veteran head assistant coach to the bench with him. But he can relate to players and he understands what it takes to win.

There's no doubt he would have the blessing, and support, of both Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith, his former coaches at Kentucky. He played hard for both of them and they both have always done everything possible to help former players. Edwards would also be able to count on support, and direction, from Macy.

Some will counter that Edwards might not be ready for this opportunity. Many felt the same way when Eastern Kentucky hired Travis Ford when his experience was at Campbellsville University. And look how well that move worked out.

Edwards deserves a chance to at least be considered for this job. He's young and energetic. He wants to make a name for himself. If Morehead decides he's not the best candidate, fine. But he at least deserves to be considered.

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