Coach Sanders, eyes of Kentucky are upon you

Not that we want to take the liberty of applying the motto of Texas here in Kentucky -- but they won the National Championship, and who better to follow? There's another link to Texas in that when UK signed Curtis Pulley, coach Brooks likened him to a poor man's version of quarterback Vince Young Texas' MVP in the national championship game. The Texas song goes "the eyes of Texas are upon you…" but here the eyes of Kentucky are upon you, coach Randy Sanders.

Someone coined the phrase after Kentucky went down in basketball, ‘where do we go to now?' Well, we are embarking upon spring football practice at Kentucky and all eyes are going to be on the quarterback position.

There are many observers that will be watching the handling of the quarterback battle especially since Brooks left no doubt the starting position was not nailed down by anybody. Remember, by Sander's own admission the handling of the quarterback position at Tennessee was the undoing of the Volunteers this past season. However, given the anticipated meticulous handling of Kentucky's situation at quarterback, with Sanders fresh off of a similar situation, who better to handle Kentucky's quarterbacks than Sanders. He should not be susceptible to repeated mistakes.

Sanders on his quarterbacks: "Andre (Woodson) obviously has a lot of ability. I was very impressed with what Curtis (Pulley) did when we came up here and played Kentucky. I'm very excited about coaching those guys in addition to Will (Fidler) and Michael (Hartline). Coaches are a lot better coaches when they have good players to coach. I think it's unfair when you have a player there and nobody there to push him. Competition makes you better. When you've got a player pushing him he gets a little more serious about the weight room, a little more serious about the conditioning, a little more serious about the meeting room. There all that carries over to the practice field and into game day."

We reminded coach Rich Brooks that Sanders made it a point to say he wanted to be here. Is that something you had to gauge when you hired him since he was out of a job? Did he look forward to the challenge? "Yeah, he wouldn't taken the job if he didn't look forward to the challenge," Brooks said. "I think in his situation, he is a neophyte in the coaching profession in terms of from a moving standpoint. He has spent his whole career playing and coaching at Tennessee. You have great years and have one bad year and you get slapped upside the head much like Jimmy Higgins at Florida State, who played, coached, and spent his whole career there."

Brooks said he's just excited to get a guy of his caliber and quality and obviously he's committed. Sanders said he in it for the long haul. He's selling a house in Tennessee and buying one in Kentucky.

Is Sanders motivated, having spent his whole career and taking a hit like that? "I think you always want to go prove you can do what you did in the past. I don't think you make a living in the coaching profession without that attitude."

Sanders made it clear that you adjust your offense to the guy at the helm. He also said you can win with a running quarterback or a passing quarterback alike. So let the show began!

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