VAUGHT: Myron Pryor could be dominant

Just when it seemed Myron Pryor was ready to establish himself as a potentially dominant defensive lineman at Kentucky, a problem would arise again and again to take him off the field. While it was not a serious injury, leg cramps certainly were embarrassing to a rugged, physical player like Pryor.

"I was hurting and depressed that kept having leg cramps. It was sort of embarrassing. In high school, I never drank water. It surprised me when I started cramping up that way," he said. "It had something to do with my nervousness and not drinking a lot of water. I used to drink Gatorade a lot. I thought that would keep me hydrated real well. But then I would notice when I would drink a lot of water, I wouldn't get the cramps. It was as simple as that and should not be a problem again."

However, Kentucky is hoping Pryor will be a big problem for opposing offenses next year. He's lost weight and reshaped his body with more muscle. He's been dominating at times this spring and has shown the ability to be a run-stopper as well a prolific pass rusher.

Defensive line coach Rick Petri says there's no doubt Pryor could be a dominating player in the Southeastern Conference. "I think he can be as good as he wants to be. He is athletic, he has size and he has power. He has a good natural feel for the game. I don't know what else you need to mix in there. I think he is driven and wants to be a good football player."

He does. "I do feel I can be that dominating type guy. Our team was missing that last year. It's not pressure on me to do it. It's just what I want to set my mind to based on what I've done this spring and carry it over to the fall," Pryor said.

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