TAYLOR: Woodson aware of fight on his hands

Andre Woodson knows what it will take to win back his job as starting quarterback at the University of Kentucky.

Andre Woodson knows what it will take to win back his job as starting quarterback at the University of Kentucky.

Woodson entered spring camp as the incumbent in the pocket, but now finds himself in a battle to retain his standing as the team's field general. Woodson didn't necessarily lose his job, but hasn't surrendered to backup Curtis Pulley, who is making a strong case in an effort to be the team's starting quarterback.

Woodson didn't improve during the spring, but didn't regress either, meaning he will have to make strides during the summer break to avoid being sent back to the bench.

Woodson knows he has his work cut out for him. "I've just got to get better," he said. "No job is going to be handed to you and that's why you have to come out and compete. I've just got to keep proving my case to be the starting quarterback. It's just going to take some time." Woodson said the battle for the starting job will ultimately come down to determination. "I think Curtis (Pulley) and I get the same number of reps in practice and we compete every day," he said. "He has his good days, and I have my good days. As we go into the fall, it's going to be a matter of who wants it more."

Woodson said he will spend more time studying the team's playbook during the next couple of months. "I just need to get a better understanding of the system," he said. "I just need to study and concentrate as much as I can."

Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips said Woodson needs to improve his consistency. "With Andre, you can tell if it's going to be a good day from the first play," he said. "He's got to understand that he's got to practice well to get on the field."

Woodson doesn't have the same foot speed as Pulley, but his passes are somewhat ahead of Pulley at this point. Woodson's biggest weakness is his judgment at times in the pocket. Instead of throwing the ball away under pressure, Woodson has a tendency to take the negative yardage as opposed to throwing the ball out of bounds.

As for the team's offense, Woodson said the Cats have a chance to be a productive unit on both sides of the ball, no matter who ends up with the football in the season opener. "I think we have proved our case that we're capable of having a good offense," he said.

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