VAUGHT: Micah Johnson paying dividends

Micah Johnson is not close to playing his first football game for the University of Kentucky but he continues to have a huge impact on the program.

Johnson was one of the nation's top recruits last year and when he committed to play for UK he immediately went to work trying to persuade other top players to do the same. However, he didn't stop there. He's already doing alll he can to help convince some of the state's top junior prospects that they should also sign with the Wildcats.

"I talked to Micah when I went up there last time," Paris offensive lineman Chase Dumphord said. "I also got to talk to Fatu (Turituri). He's pretty cool and told me I could ask him questions. But Micah, he's quite a recruiter.

"I've always watched UK football and basketball games. My parents are big UK fans. My whole town is. I went to the spring game and have been there a couple of other times. I think Kentucky is on the right track, and I know Micah believes that because he told me that."

Covington Holmes standout Duran Jefferson says Johnson "opened doors nationally" for top players in the state last year by showcasing his talent and then deciding to play for Kentucky. "I think Kentucky high school football is big time and there are a lot of good players out there. Not everybody realized that until Micah came along," Jefferson said. "I saw him at the spring game. He is a man. He has the body of a professional football player already. I've never seen anything like him, and he loves Kentucky football.

"I know how he talked to players last year. I want to do the same thing and get advice as well as give advice. I think those bonds are important and Micah made that clear."

That leadership ability could have as much to do with Johnson getting on the field early as his playmaking ability, too. The youngster is a natural leader and has great charisma. You have to love the way he promotes Kentucky football and once he finally gets a chance to play in a game, just think how much more persuasive he will be when he talks to players about coming to Kentucky.

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