VAUGHT: Johnson brothers add yoga training

If you want to know how serious brothers Christian and Micah Johnson are about becoming the best football players they can be, then take note that the two are doing yoga this summer to improve their flexibility.

"The coaches really thought this would help my flexibility," Christian Johnson, a sophomore lineman, said. "I haven't really told a lot of people that is what I am doing, but if it helps me, I am all for it. I know a lot of NFL players actually do yoga, but it's just not something you usually associate with football players. But I'm serious about it, and I know it will help me."

Micah Johnson, an incoming freshmen linebacker-running back, said his brother is "very serious" about the yoga. "He knows it will make him better and when he does something, he goes all out," Micah Johnson said.

Apparently that "all-out" attitude runs in the family. Consider this rundown of what Micah Johnson said was a pretty normal workout day for him during track season. "I went to the track, then the weight room, then did some footwork drills, ate, went back to the track and then ran back home. Christian is upstairs with the yoga tape on and I will go and join him because I need that, too," he said.

Remember, Micah Johnson is a blue-chip prospect who had his choice of big-time schools. He knows he's going to get a chance to play early, but there he is out running, lifting and doing footwork drills on his own and then adding in a little yoga workout.

"The yoga really helps our flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more it will help you avoid injuries. Also the more flexible you are, the lower you can get and in football the lower man wins most of the battles. That's why the yoga is helping us both," Micah Johnson said.

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