VAUGHT: Johnson just wants to have fun

Starting Monday, Micah Johnson knows it is all business for him when it comes to football. That's why he's hoping to have one final week of fun while playing for the Kentucky all-star team this week before the annual game with Tennessee.

"I am pretty much taking this as a week to have fun," Johnson said Monday after practice at the University of Kentucky. "I am taking this as my last high school game, and that I should have fun. But to be honest, it will be all business from here on out. I have set high goals for myself and for Kentucky to reach the goals we have set as a team, it has to be business every day for me. I will have a chip on my shoulder when I come out here (for preseason practice). I know I can still improve, and that Kentucky can improve. We want to get the point across that Kentucky will not be a team you can beat up on in the SEC any more. It's no longer going to be like that up here."

As part of his fun week, Johnson has enjoyed running behind 285-pound Corey Peters, a future UK teammate, in the all-star team's goal line offense. Johnson, a 265-pound linebacker, is also hoping to fill the same role for the Wildcats.

"Corey is the biggest fullback I have ever had. Usually I am bigger than my fullback. Now that I have Corey here, I feel I can conquer the world. It's great. I have a big line to run behind, too. I have been bigger than my offensive line most of the time," he said.

What if Peters is the one to get the ball close to the end zone? "Corey will score no matter what. He can dive over the line. If they give him the rock and he needs a push, I will push him from behind. But it will take a load to stop him," Johnson said.

Kentucky has won five of the last six all-star games against Tennessee after winning just three of the first 16. Johnson wants that trend to continue.

"We can send a message Friday. It will be big our recruiting class to get a win for the Kentucky side again," Johnson said. "It is big for us to start with a win over Tennessee. Then we can just keep winning from here

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