VAUGHT: Jeffries may try defense

Justin Jeffries was considered one of the state's premier high school offensive linemen last season and will be out to showcase his talents Friday when the Kentucky all-star team plays Tennessee in Chattanooga.

Jeffries is part of an incoming freshman class that Kentucky coach Rich Brooks hopes will continue to help him rebuild the football program. However, Jeffries might find himself play an unfamiliar position, but one he loves, when preseason practice starts.

"I think they might be going to try me on the defensive line to start with," Jeffries said after today's practice. "I'll see how that goes. If I can play, I'll play. If they want me to redshirt, I will do what is best for the team.

"Defense is my favorite sport. If they decided they want to move me back (to offense) because I am not fitting that mode, that will be fine. I just want to play. Whatever helps the team, I will do."

Even though he always liked defense, the 6-5, 295-pound Jeffries always played in the offensive line at St. Xavier. "We didn't have any two-way players. They like the big hogs that can move around real good up on the offensive line. That's why they put me there. Now I'll just have to come in to Kentucky and see what happens. I am not even sure how hard it will be. But I will be finding out pretty soon," Jeffries said.

He's already found out that it will be nice to have all-star teammates Micah Johnson, Corey Peters and Josh Minton playing on UK's defense with him. "They are all so big. Right now I have Paul (Warford) on my side (at running back for the all-star game). I like blocking for him, too. It's all a blast, but it's really nice to know those big guys are going to be on defense for Kentucky. They are all real intense. They just stick out because they are bigger. They get after it every minute and work their hardest all the time. Those are the kind of guys I want to play with the next four or five years."

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