VAUGHT: Versatile Warford gives UK options

Paul Warford is one of those versatile athletes that could play a lot of different positions in college. He's playing running back this week for the Kentucky all-star team, but at the University of Kentucky he'll likely be used first at cornerback to take advantage of his terrific speed.

"At first, the Kentucky coaches said running back. Then it was maybe cornerback or wide receiver. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to play," said the former Madison Central standout. "It's just like this game (against Tennessee). I just want to play. Kentucky lost a bunch of cornerbacks from last year and if they need me there, I will play there. But first I want to win this game. College talk can wait another few days."

Madison Central coach Kenny Turner says because of Kentucky's depth at running back, Warford might be able to make a quicker impact for UK at cornerback. "He might have a chance to start sooner at cornerback. I think he would be an outstanding cornerback. He's an athlete and you can move him around on the field, but he could be that special cornerback," Turner said. "His maturity and body is there and ready to play, but he has a lot of mental work to go. He's got skills, but it would not hurt him if he's redshirted. I think he could do well, but it might be in his best interest to be redshirted. He eventually could be that shutdown cornerback that every SEC team needs.

"But he could also be a great receiver because he has that great speed. The Kentucky coaches know what they are doing. They'll figure out the best place to play him and he'll be fine wherever they put him."

Warford is enjoying being around future UK teammates, as well as bigger players, this week. He also wants to make sure the Kentucky all-stars continue their winning ways Friday against Tennessee.

"We have won five of the last six games. There's no doubt we are going to win again," he said. "Being in the all-star game is a pretty big deal for Madison Central and coach Turner. Anything I can do to help the program, I will do. If I play well in this game, it will help coach Turner's program. Coach Turner is a great guy and very respectful of how you feel. He will help you if you need anything. All he asks for in return is respect, and he has mine."

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