TAYLOR's Thoughts: Changes on the gridiron

Several changes will make up part of the college landscape once the season begins in just a matter of months. Although it's still just June, let's take a look at these changes in plenty of time for kickoff.

The notable changes, adopted by the rules committee are as follows:

  • Instant replay here to stay: In what began as an experiment over the past couple of seasons, instant replay will become part of the entire college landscape this fall, which will give coaches some control over which calls are reviewed.

  • Coaches now can ask to have a play reviewed. If the play is overruled, the coach which asked for the review won't be charged with a timeout. If the play isn't overturned, the team loses a timeout and can't ask for another review.

  • BCS adds bowl: The Bowl Championship Series, otherwise known as the BCS, adds a fifth game to the New Year's slate. The bowl will give conferences not part of the BCS crop an opportunity to compete in a prestigious bowl. Champions from a conference such as Conference USA, Mid-American Conference, Mountain West, Sun Belt and the Western Athletic Conference will received a spot in the BCS if the team is ranked in the Top 12 or ranked ahead of one of the champions in the BCS conferences, such as the Southeastern Conference, ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-10.

  • Perhaps the most interesting rule will be the NCAA's attempt to shorten the game, including keeping halftime to 15 minutes, instead of the customary 20-minute intervals.

    The clock will start on kickoff, as opposed to when the opposing team touches the ball. The kickoff tee also will be shortened down one inch in an effort to halt the number of touchbacks during a contest.

  • The 12th game will give schools more of an opportunity to win six.

  • Also, Fox Sports will try its hand at televising college football games.

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