Nash: "I'd look good in Blue"

It was arguably the 23rd hour for Tubby Smith and his staff, but the University of Kentucky and its basketball program rolled out the red-carpet for its final hope at landing a power forward in the 2006 class as New York native Tyrone Nash, visited Lexington over the weekend. See what he had to say upon his return.

"They definitely rolled out the red carpet for me, no doubt about that," Nash said in an interview heard on SportsTalk 630 WLAP-AM with Alan Cutler on Friday evening. "It was definitely a great experience."

The 6-foot-7, 200 pound small forward / power forward from Woodmere Academy in New York was all set to go to prep school at Mount Herman School in Massachusetts, before a scholarship offer and visit to the University of Kentucky changed his plans.

"They picked me up from the airport and then I had lunch with the coaching staff," Nash said. "They even prepared my favorite dish for me ... chicken alfredo."

Amongst the usual activities that accompany a recruiting visit, the New York native got a chance to see what Kentucky had to offer outside the walls of Rupp Arena and Memorial Collesium.

"I got to touch an 80 million dollar horse, the father of Funny Cide at Winstar Farms," Nash said. "Can you believe that? Not many people have the chance to do that and I got a chance too."

"I really liked the fact that they showed me what else Kentucky has to offer outside of basketball."

Tubby Smith and his staff, whom are trying to fill two scholarships, of which came available through various transfers and early departures, wanted to utilize the weekend as an opportunity to show that Nash was more than just a means to fill an open spot.

"I never received a letter from Kentucky and if they started recruiting me earlier this would be an easy decision," Nash told prior to his visit. "Do they really want me to come in and play or do they just want me on the team? They came in so late I have to really think about this decision."

Nash spoke in direct response to those previous comments, now having taken his visit to Lexington.

"I do think they are serious and sincere about me now, having talked to them in person and having talked to Coach Smith in person," Nash said. "I just wish they had come at me earlier, then the decision wouldn't be so hard."

"When I got on that plane, before I came, I had in my mind that I was gonna go to prep school, but now that I see what Kentucky is all about, it definitely changed things," Nash concluded.

Nash's plans for now is to sit down with his family and discuss in a round-table type setting, as to what is best for his future.

"After we ate breakfast and I got a chance to see Coach Smith's beautiful home, I told him that I just wanted to go home and discuss with my family and my coach before I made anything official," Nash explained. "I think I'll have a decision in the near future - definitely in the waning weeks, not in a month."

So would he look good in blue? "Yeah, I'd look good in blue," he kidded.

For now, the New York product turned super recruit will continue to soak in the week that saw him go from a prep-school bound product to a recruiting superstar

"I scored two points in Memorial Collesium," Nash proclaimed. "I was one for one, baby. I've got the highest field goal percentage in the history of Memorial."

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