DANIELS: Patterson trying to narrow it down

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Among recruits Duke and North Carolina are the schools listed most by potential high major prospects. Although Patrick Patterson isn't listing the Tar Heels, the Dukies have made a late attempt to snag him and Patterson said they are a tough school to turn down.

"I mean people say it's hard to say no to Duke but I don't know," Patterson said at Nike Camp. "You can say no to Duke; anyone can, it's just hard to say no to Duke because they are one of the top schools."

That's an interesting statement from a guy that lists Kentucky and Wake Forest as his top two schools. The Deac and Cats have been working on Patterson since the beginning of his high school career and one of them hopes to reap the benefits of the courtship.

"Kentucky and Wake are up there right now," the 6-8, 228-pound PF said. "But the rest I'm just trying to narrow it done to five or six schools so I can use my visits."

Patterson has already been to Lexington to visit UK and he said that the time his family got to spend with Coach Smith was a great experience.

"Tubby is a great guy. When we went down there he introduced me to his entire family so that was pretty cool. I was impressed. His wife was hanging out with my mom and they really clicked. Coach Smith and my dad really clicked and hit it off. Coach Smith is a great down to earth guy and he's easy to talk to."

One aspect that Kentucky has working in their favor is the fact that one of Patterson's close friends is also considering the Wildcats. Jai Lucas, a 5-10,147-pound PG, was Patterson's teammate at NBPA Camp where the two won the tournament championship.

There has been some talk of the two possibly playing in college together and the only mutual school on their list is Kentucky, so is it a viable option?

"We've talked about it before, about him going to Kentucky and me going to Kentucky and us playing together. We have a close friendship and all that and we talk about it."

Patterson would be in favor of the two going to school together because he said he's at his best when he has Lucas distributing him the ball.

"Jai is a great overall point guard. He can shoot, he can drive but his main thing is he always tries to get other people open especially the post players. He feeds the post well."

Patterson continued to state that he is welcoming other schools to recruit him. It doesn't sound like a decision will come soon as he wants to take some visits after the AAU season.

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