VAUGHT: White respects Little

Anthony White was one of the most versatile running backs ever to play football at the University of Kentucky. He could run and catch passes equally well and became the first UK player to exceed 1,500 rushing and 1,500 passing yards. Now the Cats have another versatile back in Rafael Little, who was the Southeastern Conference's best all-purpose back last year. So who is better? White or Little?

"I am kind of biased about that," laughed White. "Really, he has more of a role in this offense than I did. I touched the ball a lot, but Tim Couch had Craig Yeast, Quentin McCord, Derek Homer and others. We spread the ball around more. In this offense, Rafael has a bigger role catching and running than I ever did.

"But even with more touches, I want him to do more than I ever did. That's why I have become good friends with him even though he may well break all my records. He is a lot faster than me. He can do some things I couldn't do. But I don't want him to be like me and wait until he gets out of the game to appreciate what he has now."

White, who played at UK from 1996-99, recently returned to Kentucky to finish his degree. He didn't know any current players, but the first day at study hall he met Little when Little came up to him and shook his hand. "It was kind of strange that out of all the players, he was the one to walk up to me out of the blue and shook my hand. I guess he thought I knew who he was, but I didn't," White said. "I really respect him for doing that. A lot of guys would not have done that. But my first day on campus, he came up to me."

White knows some UK fans, and players, might still associate him with the Hal Mumme era and hold the problems Mumme had at the end of his tenure against him. "Mumme was my coach, but he's not my personality or father. The old coaching staff has nothing to do with me today," White said.

He says Little has been "open" to advice and that no one will be prouder of Little than him if he breaks every record at Kentucky. "We are in the same fraternity of running backs at Kentucky," White said. "I want him to break all the records, but I can still know I was one of the first to help create that type of player at Kentucky."

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