DEMAREE: Brooks speaks honestly

Coach Rich Brooks has proven and still proves you can take his words to the bank. Any "smack" that's talked, he let's others do his talking. He's a man of substance and very little fluff. It's refreshing to hear a head coach speak with honesty.

Would the fans like to hear more over marketing and under achieving? Would they like to hear Brooks be more Howard Schnellenberger(isk) and proclaim UK is on a collision course with the National Championship? Well, hold your breath because Brooks isn't made that way.

"What's behind you isn't behind you until you put it behind you," Brooks said when referring to past probation woes and the performances against Louisville. "I don't like where I've been but I hope I like where we're going. I don't feel good about the rivalry. We need to step up and do our part and make it a little more interesting for the Big Blue Nation in this rivalry rather than have them moan and groan all year."

The coach said he likes this team and the good news is they have better depth but are still relatively young. "I feel a lot better about our talent level and our size level and looking forward to getting them on the field," the coach said.

Brooks said of the twenty-four true freshmen coming in, he would expect at least ten of those to play this year and they will be more significant as the year progresses.

Brooks answered the highly anticipated question as to who is the leader for the quarterback job. "Somebody's got to take the first snap with the first string but we will alternate them in there and Andre Woodson will take the first snap with the first string. Hopefully, in about ten days or two weeks of practice, we can come up with a decision on what we are going to do at that position." Brooks said he doesn't want to have a rotation that will be pre-conceived as a two-quarterback system. He wants a one-quarterback system with somebody who can come in there and make plays when he comes into the game.

Brooks said they've got major competition at every position and that hasn't been the case since he's been here. But given that fact, he readily addressed the two trouble spots on the team, that being the wide receiver and cornerback spots.

"Keenan is healthy and we need to keep him healthy for an entire season," Brooks expressed. "I look forward to getting him out there because we're a different football team with him on the field. We need to get some receivers to step forward to compliment him. And that's one of the bigger question marks is behind Keenan Burton, who are going to be the go to guys at receiver.

"I actually feel better about our cornerback position than I do about receiver because there are more unknowns at the receiver position because we have a lot of new faces coming in that I haven't actually seen on the practice field. Trevard Lindley was a major break through in spring practice and I'm really looking forward to him at corner." Brooks mentioned having Karl Booker back, Jarrell Williams, David Jones, Ahmad Grigsby Jr., and E. J. Adams. He said they have some new faces that are going to make a difference at the cornerback position.

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