New UK song on the way

Kentucky football players Marcus McClinton and Wesley Woodyard have written a song that tells of the belief the players have in their coaches and the team.

Since the end of last season, the biggest theme for Kentucky football has been that the players truly have developed a family atmosphere and believe they can win this year. Receiver Keenan Burton says the team has more heart, dedication and togetherness than the past two Kentucky teams.

Soon we all might get to hear just exactly how the players feel about the Kentucky football program thanks to junior safety Marcus McClinton, the team's unofficial rapper.

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard says McClinton recently came to his apartment and made a song that UK officials hope to use to promote the football program.

"The song is called, ‘We Believe.' One of the lines is, ‘We believe in Rich, we believe in Mitch.' I feel that a lot of players don't like the situation our coaches have had to go through the last year or so. It's more of our job to go out there and prove on the field that we have a good team.

"Marcus is usually a singer, and he's very good, but he is rapping on this. It is basically about how we feel about the program and letting everybody in Kentucky know how we feel. It was a great idea by Marcus, and one a lot of guys really liked."

So when will we hear it? Will it be played at football games, practices, pep rallies, etc.? "I think we are in the process of working on something right now so people can hear it," Woodyard said. "We have our players believing in the team. We have to get our fans believing. We just have to get everybody believing that we can get some wins this year and Marcus' song is one way to get that belief started."

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