VAUGHT: Jarmon owes coaches

Jeremy Jarmon expected to be redshirted his first year at Kentucky when he signed with the Wildcats. Then he played so well for Tennessee in the annual all-star game against Kentucky that his expectations changed.

"I kept pushing myself and got bigger, stronger and faster. Then the coaches started telling me after the all-star game that there would be no redshirt year and I could help right away," Jarmon said.

The only problem was he knew he had hurt his shoulder in the all-star game. He kept playing, but he knew it was hurt. "I didn't want to start my career injured, so I decided not to try and play through the pain and just be redshirted," Jarmon said.

Then when he was home for Christmas break and working out on his own, he injured his knee in a routine drill and had to miss spring practice. Now Jarmon, who won't turn 19 until November, is close to being ready to showcase the talents that could make him a pass rushing defensive end that UK needs.

"Through the injuries the one thing I realized was that I could not get down. I had a brief period when I was down, but I did a good job of overcoming that with some help from the trainers," Jarmon said. "I lowered my body fat percentage. Now I have just nine percent body fat. I gained weight. I am 6-4, 270 now. I came in at about 252 pounds. I've put on a solid 18 pounds by doing all the work the coaches and trainers asked."

Now he wants to repay everyone at Kentucky, especially the coaching staff, for the help he's received by having a banner season.

"I love this coaching staff. If I didn't do everything I could while I was healthy to help this coaching staff stay here, I would feel terrible," Jarmon said. "Coach Brooks, coach Archer everyone else had faith in me and pushed me.

"With two injuries straight off the bat, the coaches could have turned their back on me. But that was not the case. Coach Brooks would still come by to see me, call me and push me. They knew I was working hard in the weight room and off the field. That's why I have been doing all I can to get things together and get out there and play. I owe that to coach Brooks and his staff for caring about me."

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