DEMAREE: Adams carving a niche

Grayshirt freshman E.J. Adams is looking to carve out a niche for him self at cornerback position that needs to find playmakers. He enrolled in January for the spring semester and unexpectedly discovered he had a shoulder injury that needed some attention.

The injury set Adams back in his quest to be in the rotation at corner. "I didn't even know I had a shoulder injury until I started working out and experienced pain, "Adams said. "I got it checked out and wound up having to have it scoped." With the injury behind him, this summer he spent time getting in tip-top shape.

Adams led the squad with a vertical jump of 39 inches. His athleticism has translated into a frenzy of activity on the field. Adams said he has been in a whirlwind of learning since he has never played on the defensive side of the football before.

Adams obtains his athleticism honestly. "I come from an athletic family," he explained. "My sister Kimberly (senior now) runs track at Florida State," Adams stated. "She runs the 400-meter, the relay and does the long jump. I set a record at my school as a sophomore for the long jump. I also ran the 100-meter relays and did the triple-jump."

Adams had an interception in the Saturday August 12 scrimmage. He said it's been a hard camp and coach Brown is pushing hard. "He coaches us hard but he never hesitates to put his arm around us and praise us when we do it right."

"E.J., he has done some good things be he is like most freshmen especially since this is the first time playing corner," coach Mike Archer explained, "he takes two steps forward and one backward. However he is explosive, which makes up for inexperience. Paul Warford has been as good as anybody. Of all the freshmen defensive backs, I think he has stood out. From a retention standpoint, knowing it, and he's another guy that had never played the corner position. He played safety at Madison Central. He can run, he's very intelligent, and he's very coachable. It's good to see that he can adapt to playing corner."

Archer said it is a lot to expect for E.J. to take off right away because he has had a lot thrown at him as well as the of the young talented corners. Adams said about some of his competition: "Trevard (Lindley) is doing really good right now. Shomari (Moore) is doing real good. He has great technique. He's one of the best technique people on the team. A lot of stuff he does is from experience. He played last year."

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