VAUGHT: Louisville Cats hear rivalry talk

Keenan Burton finally found a way this summer not to have to listen to all the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry talk from Louisville fans. He just didn't go home to Louisville. Instead, he stayed in Lexington almost all summer.

"There's never a time of year I don't hear about that game," said Burton, a junior receiver. "I always hear about the game and how good they are. I guess sometimes it is in fun, but a lot of people don't understand that you get tired of hearing about it and talking about it. Sometimes that gets me even tired of hearing about football in general.

"But I've really not been home this summer. I stayed here working to get mentally prepared for this season. So I didn't have to hear as much talk because I didn't give them a chance. I stayed here."

Burton insists the game is not any more important to him than any other game on UK's schedule. "I love playing football and I've had to miss so many games because of injuries, that any game I get to play in is special."

But what about UK fans? Do they remind you it is special? "I think they know it is a different game. I feel like they really want us to win this year. Who doesn't? I guess they want those bragging rights back."

Burton says the fans make sure knew players, especially those from out of state, know how important this game is. "I think younger players learn on their own about this game when they go out to play. They get a chance to hear the fans talk about Louisville and us. They know it is important and the longer they are here, the more they take it upon themselves to make it special."

Sophomore offensive tackle Garry Williams, also a Louisville native, says this game is "tough" on him because he has many family members that are Louisville fans in addition to numerous friends who pull for the Cardinals.

"I go home and get a lot of trash talking and put downs about Kentucky. I just tell them to stop. I take it and it gives me energy. If they talk about me and my team, I just tell them to wait and see what happens Sept. 3," Williams said.

So do those fans who trash talk UK respect the Wildcats? "Right now, they maybe have their heads up in the air. They are a good team and did good things last year. I hope they have their heads up high so we can go up there and knock them down. I don't know if they respect us or not now. We did give them a battle last year. But I think when this game gets over, then they are going to respect us a lot more if things go the way I think."

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