Morris Twins Leaning in Specific Direction

Marcus and Markieff Morris are just 16-years old but they have a host of schools recruiting them. They can choose among schools like Kentucky, Indiana or LaSalle. They can also choose to attend prep school. Mike Sullivan spoke to the twins' coach to get the latest scoop.

Marcus and Markieff Morris have some very important decisions to make. And their decisions will likely affect the status of Kentucky recruiting for the next two years. Prep Charter coach Dan Brinkley understands the urgency and interest by Kentucky as well as the other schools are their lists.

"They really have four or more options," said Brinkley, who also spent the summer with teh Morris twins on the bench as a coach for Hunting Park AAU program. "They can go to Indiana, Kentucky or LaSalle or school. Memphis is also in there with Pittsburgh."

Brinkley said Indiana and Kentucky would like to have the Morris brothers aboard for next season. "They are just 16 years old," Brinkley said. "I understand they need forwards."

Kentucky is supposed to come into Prep Charter for a school visit sometime in September. "It could be the third week of September," Brinkley said. "He is planning on taking a visit to Indiana around that time too."

Brinkley added: "I expect them to also make an official visit to Kentucky. It's a trip they are looking forward to."

Before he takes the in school visit with Kentucky and the visit to Indiana, a possible unofficial visit is being considered for the campus of Pittsburgh. "I think what is important is the style of play and how they fit into a program," Brinkley said. "Markieff is a face up forward, not a center. And it's important to understand what programs do a good job in developing players like them. And by developing I mean not what was done 20 years ago but in the last four or five years."

The issue of school is a big one too. As pointed out, the twins (go about 6-foot-9) are just 16 years old. Brinkley feels a year on the school level might help them in their progress. "They (the twins) are about ninety percent sure they are going to school," Brinkley said. "So they are likely to be in the class of 2008."

But Brinkley was quick to point out that they were going to decide this Fall on a college. "They are all great programs with great coaches," Brinkley said diplomatically. "It's going to be a hard decision for them. But they are all great choices."

The choice is likely to be made in either October or November. Then Prep Charter begins a very competitive schedule. "We're playing Oak Hill at Villanova in February," Brinkley said. "We also have games with St. Benedict's and Herb Pope's team. I am just worried about the players playing the best competition and not concerned with the record."

The schedule this year should give the Morris twins a good barometer reading on how they stack up this season against the best players from across the country.

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