Tamme: Cats playing for pride

If you are looking for one of those intangible reasons to help convince you that Kentucky can beat No. 13 Louisville Sunday, then I have the right player for you. Say hello to tight end Jacob Tamme, a life-long Big Blue fan.

"One game does not make a season. Every game makes a season," said Tamme. "It's true that one game doesn't make or break your season, but at the same time you have to understand that every game really matters and it starts with this one. And it is a big one.

"This one matters to a lot of guys on this team because it is the Louisville game and we are playing for our state. We have a lot of guys from Kentucky that want to bring the Governor's Cup back to Lexington. We know Louisville is a great football team. They have earned everything they have gotten. They are not going to give that to us, either. We have to be a better team than them on Sunday and that's what we are working to do. We have to step up to their level, but we can do that."

Wait. There's more from this likeable junior. "This game is for statewide pride. I understand what this game means to the state of Kentucky. There are a lot of people that bleed blue in this state. I was one of them for years. I understand when you watch this game what it means to you. That's what it also means to a lot of guys on this team. That's what it has to mean for us to bring the Cup back," Tamme said.

Sounds good. But wanting to win is one thing. Being able to win is another thing. Why is this year likely to be different for Kentucky against Louisville?

"I really do think this team values winning more than anything. We have put a lot of work in to win. We've put in a lot of sweat, blood and tears all last winter and summer. We've had a lot of guys work to get back from injuries," Tamme said. "You have to deserve to win before you can win. I think we finally have worked enough that we deserve to win. Now it is just a matter of executing and making it happen. We have weapons on this team. If we are executing, we have guys that can make plays. It's not a matter of just one person doing it. This year we can all do it, and we know that."

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