VAUGHT: Can Cats stop Cards?

It's not a secret that Louisville has one of the nation's best offense. Last year the Cardinals were one of only four teams in the nation to average more than 290 yards passing and 180 yards rushing thanks to the play of quarterback Brian Brohm and running back Michael Bush, two Heisman Trophy candidates this year.

That's why Kentucky senior defensive end Durrell White knows the Wildcats better bring their "A game" when they play at Papa John's Stadium Sunday. "If you don't, they will embarrass you," White correctly noted.

But can Kentucky stop Louisville's run or pass? In the last three games, Louisville has rushed for an average of 237 yards per game against Kentucky and scored nine times. That has enabled the Cards to mainly throw only when they wanted.

"I think you can stop them. If you can make a team one dimensional, and it doesn't matter if it is the run or pass, then you have a higher chance of success," White said. "If you cannot stop one or the other, then you have no chance at success."

So which will be easier for Kentucky to stop — Brohm or Bush? "As a defensive player, you think you should stop both. We just have to step up and make plays. We have to be smart and really read our keys to be successful," White said.

But is one easier to stop? "I hope, but I guess we won't know until Sunday. I have to believe we are going to do a better job, but until we prove, why talk about it. Nobody is going to believe it until we do it, and I don't blame them. We've talked enough. Now it's time to play and show what we can do," White said

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