BROOKS: Time for karma for Kentucky Football

It feels as if reckoning day is upon us. The question which has been burning in my gut and eating away at my insides since the end of last season is: Can we get this turned around? Can we PLEASE get the monkey off our back?"

As I look at the point spread for our game, I ponder the 23.5 points they are giving Louisville as of the time of this writing. Is it possible that Kentucky could possibly bring more to the table than anyone expects?

I hope so.

I believe in good karma. This morning as I was getting on a shuttle bus to head over to the US Open tennis center in New York, a very nice fellow co-worker of mine was telling someone about how he had lost his raincoat the night before. Unbelievably, the guy he was telling the story to, had actually found a raincoat in the parking lot the night before. He had given it to the front desk of the hotel and moments later my co-worker arrived back out with his jacket. What are the odds that the person who lost the jacket would be telling the story to the guy who had found the jacket!? In New York City!!!

I am not buying into odds, but I a do believe in good karma. Karma has an interesting way of sneaking into our lives, and I would like to think it is about time it presents itself to the Kentucky Football team

Here we are ready to kick off college football season 2006. Some would say that the football team has been somewhat fractured in the past years. Could this have been a symptom of too many coaching changes? Perhaps. A symptom of a football team divided by separate locker rooms in the stadium? Perhaps. However, this is no longer a fractured team. This is a team who has discovered close friendships and found solid bonds between them.

We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, and not only are the children coming together, but the parents are trying to come together as well. These player's parents are from all walks of life, and some live in cities that inhibit them making it to every game; but they all share something special. They have a child who has dedicated his talents to building Kentucky football, and they all want their children to succeed.

These families tried to get fans rallied behind them last year to meet them at the Catwalk. Here we are a year later, and those parents have not gone away. In fact, those parents are pulling together, and want Kentucky football fans to pull together with them.

I spoke with Jacob Tamme's mother, Pam, the other day, about a Kentucky Football newsletter that she has started sending out. The football newsletter is a work in progress, but is intended to help keep families in touch with what is going on, and to help them get to know each other.

Pam says she is hopeful that they will be able to coordinate a big family get together tailgate at one home game this year, so that people who have been in contact with her via email can actually meet face to face. One goal is to have another big get together at the spring game next year so parents can come together and build on friendships.

Some player's families are unable to make trips to a lot of the games, so the newsletter will share current events, motivational stories from families affiliated with the program, and fun stuff like upcoming birthdays, stories, recipes and more.

Some of the parents would really love to tailgate, but coming from out of town, and not having the ability to throw a tailgate together, puts them at a disadvantage. I don't think anyone would mind getting some great ideas from some Cat fans who have mastered the tailgate scene at Commonwealth!

Don't hesitate to give a shout out to Kentucky football family members who you see at the games. They can sometimes feel alienated by sour fans, but are resilient and want their kids to find success more than anyone.

This football team has come together, they are good kids. Their families are building a support system for them, and against all odds, there is always hope. I am hopeful that Karma finds its way to bringing good things to our Wildcats on Sunday. They deserve it!

Looking ahead: If you would like to show your appreciation for what these families go through supporting their kids at Kentucky; you could start by showing up for the Catwalk at the home opener. Cat families will be there, but they need your help! Bring five friends with you and make the players proud!

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