VAUGHT: McCutchan is inspirational leader

If center Matt McCutchan cannot play Saturday at Florida, the Wildcats will be missing their inspirational leader.

"He basically brings two things to the game every time out. First, his physical ability and toughness. Second, his attitude. He's a good player, but we would miss his toughness and attitude more than anything," Kentucky senior lineman Michael Aitcheson said.

Aitcheson knows how difficult it can be for opposing teams to play in the Swamp since he's a Florida native.

"Growing up in Florida, you always hear about the Swamp being a tough place, and it is. It is one of the loudest places in the country and has a hostile environment for every opposing team. It's hard to beat them down in the Swamp, but not impossible."

But if McCutchan can't play, can converted guard Trai Williams hold his own against Florida's dominating defensive front that shut down Tennessee's offense last week?

"Trai stepped up last week when he moved to center and did a good job. We scored a touchdown with him there. He will be prepared. He was working all summer at center just in case something like this happened. He is prepared for the task. He won't back down. I think we will be fine," Aitcheson said. "Their front four guys are all studs and they are tough to run on. We have to figure out a way to get yards no matter who is playing. Nothing will come easy.

"But our attitude is improving each week. We are taking coaching better this year and trying to make corrections where they are necessary. Nobody is pouting or getting mad. Teams that get better each week make improvements. That's why they win as the competition gets better later in the year. Obviously, we have to play better to win this week. If Cutch can't play, that's a little harder. But good teams don't dwell on negative things. They still go play and that's what we are going to do."

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