VAUGHT: Tamme, UK expect to win

If you are looking for reasons why Kentucky really can finish this season with enough wins to go to a bowl game, take a look at what tight end Jacob Tamme has to say.

Remember that Tamme played on four straight state championship teams in high school. His team won 47 straight games in one stretch, so he certainly knows about winning.

"There was not a soul on our team who thought we would lose that game (at Florida). They were the No. 5 team in the country, but everybody on our team believed we were going to win the game. We believed we were the better team. The second half they played pretty well and we didn't do a couple of things we could have done better. Their defensive front is maybe the best in the country, and they are a good team. But we truly believed we should have won," Tamme said.

No kidding. He believes that. He has for months when he talks about this team. He has sensed a huge difference from his previous years at Kentucky when it comes to the team's attitude. Nothing this year, including the big loss at Louisville, has changed his mind.

"When we were in that lockerroom (at Florida), you could feel that something great was about to happen. I think everyone felt that. Obviously, it didn't happen, but the thing is we learned a lot from it and it will happen at some point this year. But now that it didn't happen, we have Central Michigan (Saturday) and they have good team. It is our biggest game of the season right now." Tamme said.

He's right. Lose this game and the bowl talk again vanishes. But win and then beat South Carolina on ESPN2 and the Cats will be 4-2 and legitimate bowl contenders. However, Tamme says this team wants to do more than just be bowl eligible with six wins.

"There are a lot of different intangibles that come with a maturing team," Tamme said. "We have been through some tough times, but we have also seen what it is like to win. The guys on this team are dedicated to winning. There is not a game left on our schedule that we don't plan on winning. Maybe there are people who don't think we can do that, but we believe we can and if we don't do it, we are going to be disappointed."

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