VAUGHT: Porter likes freshmen talent

Kentucky freshman guard Michael Porter thinks his classmates could be special players.

"(Derrick) Jasper is such a good player. I can't think of exactly one thing he does best because he does everything well," Porter said. "He is so unselfish. He is going to be such a mismatch at guard because of his size. He can pass, get in the lane and create. He will find the open guy every time he gets in the lane. He's a great guy to play with."

What about Jodie Meeks?

"Jodie's natural ability is crazy. He can pretty much score any time he wants to. That might change in the regular season, but in pickup games when he wants to score, he can score. When he gets after you, his defense is really good, too," Porter said.

What about Perry Stevenson, the biggest player in the freshman class who made his reputation in Louisiana prep circles blocking shots and grabbing rebounds?

"He's a great offensive rebounder. He has such long arms. I can't tell you how many times I have seen him put back dunks off offensive rebounds. He just has a knack for getting the ball," Porter said.

Porter is actually the lowest-ranked player in the freshman class. Part of that is because his football career kept him out of some summer camps, as did an injury before his senior year. He wants to say those low rankings don't bother him, but he admits they do motivate him to prove some people wrong.

"The rankings don't mean anything. I feel confident in my game," he said. "But it is there in the back of your mind that you wish you could have been ranked higher than this guy or that guy. "You aren't trying to prove something just for that reason because you always have things to prove. But it does motivate you to show people you might be better than they think." Read more with Michael Porter in the Kentucky Sports Report basketball preview issue.

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