VAUGHT: Woodson deflects praise

Andre Woodson would have every right to gloat about his play this year and remind his many critics that he had shown they were wrong about his ability. Instead, Woodson has been quick to credit everyone but himself for his outstanding play so far this season.

"Right now the offensive line is doing a great job of blocking as best they can and the receivers are doing a great job of getting open and making plays when the ball is in the air," said Woodson. "All that stuff (praise) really doesn't go to me. It goes to the other players making the plays for me. Right now the offense is doing a good job understanding the system we are running, communicating and excecuting the plan."

Remember, this is the same quarterback who had six touchdown passes last year when he was much more apt to fumble, throw an interception, take a sack or make a wrong decision than he was to toss a scoring pass. But he has 14 touchdown passes and just two interceptions this season. He's done a far better job avoiding sacks and is getting the offense into the right formations far more. He's shown why he won back the starting job he lost to Curtis Pulley in spring practice.

"It is definitely different than last year. We believe in ourselves now. That is the biggest difference," Woodson. " I think last year we would have said we believed in ourselves, but I don't know how serious we would have been. Right now everyone is in the film room. Everyone is studying and understands what is going on. Last year some people knew and some people took it seriously, but it was a matter of who you were. Not everybody was as serious as we are now.

"This year we believe in ourselves. We know we can go out there and win any game. We are going out there and executing and taking advatnage of things we see on the film. If we think that secondary can't hold our receivers, we go after them. If we think we can run the ball, we go after it. This year we are doing a good job of all being on the same page."

True. But the page is a lot whole easier for everyone to follow because Woodson has become the offensive leader Kentucky desperately needed.

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