BRIDWELL: Juicy, Lucy and May

On game day you experience many sights and sounds while touring the perimeter of Commonwealth stadium, including cold adult beverages cracking, bratwurst smoking on the grill, and bean bags "thudding" against cornhole boards. These are all activities that make tailgating so unique. And then there are three ladies who do things a bit differently…….

The blue lot parking area at Commonwealth stadium is a great tailgating spot. It has a hard surface which is nice, and it is located in an area that makes the walk to the stadium very enjoyable. However, if you ever get the chance to tailgate in the area, or if you already do, there are three big blue fans that you all must meet.

To prevent from naming these ladies by their legal names, I will refer to them as their nicknames which they have carried for years…..Juicy, Lucy, and May.

Followers of Kentucky football since the mid 70's, these women are not your average wives that are just along for the ride. In fact, if there is something you want to know about UK football, there is no better source than these three amigos.

Sometimes I find myself cracking a smile, infatuated with how well these women know the game football.

It all starts with the arrival to the parking lot.

Within ten minutes of breaking out the beverages and the tailgating food of the week, you can bet your bottom dollar you can over hear the triple threat giving their synopsis of the game plan to beat the visiting opponent.

Of course, every 15 minutes there is a adult beverage shot to the brain which continues the bleacher quarterback speak well up until game time. I get the notion that they get under the skin of their joining husbands at times, however I think it has become a competition between the two. If you are going to tailgate with these cool cats, you better know your football, or they will quickly let you know about it.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be for a man if a lady has to set him straight on his football?


And it doesn't stop there. Moments after the game has completed, and in the process of walking to your car, the post game press conference gets started a little earlier in the blue lot.

This past week I leaned over to a friend of mine who was partaking in some post game celebration when I saw the three huddling.

I leaned over and said to him, "Look at all those defensive coordinators over there."

There is never a dull moment when you are involved with this trio of UK football backers, and as my budding tailgate partner said, "If Lonny Demaree is the mayor of Kentucky football, those three must be his campaign directors."

Regardless, I want to know where I can find a lady with such passion for UK football, what a special treat that would be.

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