KERRI BROOKS: Game big for UK and USC

Overall, the team has been playing pretty well, but they have continued making some costly mistakes. With young freshman on the field this is expected, and you just try to overcome it. With a 3-2 record, here they are facing a similar team they want to beat. I am not talking about Kentucky, but it sounds like it.

I am talking about the 3-2 Gamecocks who are coming to our house this Saturday with hopes for a big win. Kentucky can't allow that to happen.

Defensively, we have been struggling in stopping the opposing offense; however, we have managed to win three games so we must be doing something right! Despite the yardage and points the defense has given up, we have managed to win three games. This is a pivotal game, and the winner of this game could have the needed win to get to a bowl game.

Andre Woodson took a lot of heat in 2005. Kentucky fans were very vocal about their desire for another player to have a shot at quarterback, and their lack of faith in Andre. At the Louisville game, fans wanted Pulley to get the shot.

What do fans have to say about Andre now? So far this season Andre has 14 touchdown passes, which is a tie for the most by an SEC Quarterback this season. Only two SEC teams have scored more points offensively than the 152 overall points the Wildcats have scored. (LSU with 190, Tennessee with 160). Kentucky's offense is turning the corner, and has learned how to get into the endzone! Who would have thought this was possible a year ago?

Do you think it is possible that this weekend, the struggling and pains of the Kentucky defense can end? On the flip side of our offensive scoring ability, Kentucky has allowed the most overall points scored against them, 142. Ouch. That is a lot of points for five games.

We have to be concerned about the depth on the defensive side of the ball with the loss of DL Corey Peters, DL Jamil Paris, and the injury to DT Ricky Abren's wrist last week. To find a positive spin on this, this presents an opportunity for someone to step up and be noticed. We all know the name Wesley Woodyard, but after this weekend, I hope there is a new name flowing out of the mouths of every Kentucky fan.

I realize I have been harping on the crowd's participation at Commonwealth, and I would not be true to myself if I didn't mention it AGAIN after last weekend's game.

There seems to be a lot of concern by many fans that Kentucky football fans are not educated on how to be a football fan.

Here is my last ditch effort to help turn up the volume in Commonwealth because the Cats need it this weekend in their effort to become 2-0 in the SEC.

When Kentucky is on defense you should be as loud as possible! People have brought up ideas about using a plastic water bottle with pennies in it to shake and make noise. There are regulations about noise makers used in stadiums, but this seems to be an area that has not been enforced as the wording of the rule is somewhat cloudy. (But it didn't come from me!)

Last weekend in New York the fans were banging on the metal stands, and let me tell you it was loud and very impressive. Whether you are stomping, screaming, or shaking something, you need to participate and make some noise!

In New York there is a fan that goes by the name Fireman Ed. He is able to get the entire stadium to spell J-E-T-S on his cue, and have the entire stadium quiet down to a whisper. It is amazing to watch! They put him on the in-house screens, and he conducts the entire stadium as one. It doesn't take a fancy costume; it just takes someone with energy and passion. You could be the next Fireman Ed! COME ON!

If a fan wants to get up and stand to cheer his team on, don't tell him to sit down! Stand up and cheer with him! Being a fan at a football game is about participation; crowds are a part of the game. There is a reason that teams like to play at home, they feel the crowds give them the home field advantage. If Kentucky fans are not loud and a part of the game, Kentucky has no competitive edge by playing at home. This is something YOU the fan actually have control of. Time to participate in the game!

If the student section wants to start the wave, how about doing it when the team is on defense rather than offense? I know many people have an aversion to the wave, but if it helps people make noise, I am all for it! It is not good to do it when the team is on offense, because this is the time when the crowd needs to be quiet.

While fans want to complain about Kentucky's on field performance, the performance in the stands seems to be complained about equally as much. The team needs your help! Your fellow fans want your help! These feelings are coming from your peers at Commonwealth, they come from reading complaints by people who are trying to enjoy their experience and cheer for their team.

Show your support and unity by wearing the color blue to the game this weekend. It is the fan's uniform color this weekend! You are the 12th man. Don't forget your role as a fan to participate in the game this weekend, this game is a very big one that could have bowl implications.

South Carolina is coming to OUR house. Have you realized that the Cats are 3-0 at home this year? Lets go 4-0 at home! I believe we can do it! MAKE SOME NOISE! Your team will be listening!

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