VAUGHT: Carter will understand more this year

One of Jared Carter's biggest problems last year was simply understanding the offense and defense. He often spent more time thinking about where he should be than he did reacting to what was happening.

"It's not like football. You don't stop between plays and get to think about what you are doing," he said. "Just something as simple as learning the plays was hard for me. I was still remembering plays from high school. That was the hard part. I didn't know where I was supposed to be or if I was supposed to screen somebody or do something else. It was all pretty complicated to me. I don't guess I will really know if I am better at that until we start practicing daily. But I think things are going to come a lot easier to me this year. Or at least I hope they do."

Carter was a highly-touted recruit after averaging 16.3 points and 9.8 rebounds per game his senior season. He was a late bloomer, but attracted attention from many top 25 teams, including North Carolina. Despite that recruiting attention and living only a short distance from Lexington, Carter says the attention a Kentucky basketball player receives still requires an adjustment process.

"I was real nervous about everything last year and didn't know what to expect from the coaches, fans or media," he said. "I was probably most apprehensive about the fans. Everywhere you went, they knew you. That was even more true for me because I am so tall. And all the fans have opinions. You can be eating, shopping or going to a movie, but the fans all have an opinion on what is good or bad about Kentucky basketball."

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