VAUGHT: Thomas wants to help Cats win

Sheray Thomas didn't have an overly exciting summer. However, he's hoping it will turn out to be a productive summer in terms of helping his final season at the University of Kentucky.

"I put up a lot of shots, trained hard and got myself in the right mindset," said Thomas. Thomas has not been an offensive force during his UK career. Yet he is convinced that can change this year given the right opportunities.

"I want to do everything. I can shoot, dribble and pass," Thomas said. "Of course, I guess any player thinks the same way. In a perfect world, it will work that way. In this world, I listen to my coach and do what he wants. That's how we win because his record is pretty good."

Coach Tubby Smith does have one of the nation's best overall winning records. But Smith certainly isn't the only one that would have to question the wisdom of having Thomas handle the basketball.

"Maybe I can't dribble and push the ball. I could sometimes. I could look for open people, shooot and make plays. I truly believe I could do that. But I don't think that will exactly be my role this year," Thomas said.

Instead, he understands part of his role needs to involve more assertive leadership since he's one of only three seniors.

"At times I look back and see shots I could have taken from spots I like. I could have done that a lot more," Thomas said. "Friends and family that have seen me play tell me I am not as aggressive as I used to be. I have just been too lackadaisical at times.

"I have just tried to play my role. I don't try to be the team's star. I know I am not going to be a one-man show. But if a shot is there, I have to take it and make it. If not, then I am not helping the team and setting the right example. My offense could be a huge help to this team.

"At times last year, I fell off offensively. People have seen what I can do in spurts, but I know coach Smith wants to see more of that on a consistent basis. I can't go on a run for a few games and then just fall off. I have always been a scorer. I have done that all my life except for my years here. That's something I have to do better this year."

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