Practice Report-Thursday

The second day of freshmen practice confirmed what we had all hoped, the class is full of great athletes. The much anticipated arrival of linebacker Chad Anderson reaffirmed all the hype surrounding him coming out of high school. Anderson both looks and plays the part of a prototypical SEC linebacker. At 6-2 240 plus, he showed great agility and speed, catching a ball with his fingertips on a dead run in drills.

It is obvious the coaches are counting on him as they worked extensively with him throughout practice.

Defensive end Kareem Reid also stood out and not just for his likeness to former Cat Dennis Johnson. Reid displayed great agility, and appears to be big enough to provide depth if needed. At 6-5 and 240 he is one of the many freshmen who will add size to the Cats roster. His first step is very quick from jump, One year in the weight room and the guy will emerge a monster, look forward to seeing Reid play.

Cornerback Bo Smith has speed to burn and the good hips necessary to cover SEC wideouts. He could provide depth almost immediately. Smith has the athleticism , and coach Wes Mcgriff has plenty of knowledge to refine his technique.

How early d-tackle Lamar Mills plays at U.K. will be dictated by his strength, the rest of the tools are already there. Mills has quick feet and his agility is surprising for someone carrying 285 pounds. Even his fellow freshmen were impressed, as many patted him on the back and yelled his name during drills.

Morriss and his staff found one flying under the national radar in Glenn Holt Jr.. Holt goes a legitimate 6-2 and has the long arms needed to haul in passes over Tennessee defensive backs. It is clear he must continue to work on his hands, but every high schooler would have to make an adjustment to catching Lorenzens rockets.

If Kareem Reid is Dennis Johnson's lost brother, then Kurt Myers must be a cousin of Derek Smith. Myers, at 6-5, is a big target with good hands who appears to move well and create space. There was no way to measure blocking, but Myers certainly has the frame to handle more than the 235 pounds he currently carries.

How much any, or all, of these players see the field this fall is yet to be determined. The players written about here are just some of the impressive young men the Cats have brought in this fall. The class looks very strong top to bottom, making one wonder how the "experts" tabbed the haul at the bottom of the SEC. The Big Blue Nation can sleep soundly with the knowledge that the future is in good hands.

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