UK Media Day

The Big Blue Nation enjoyed its first experience with the football media day. This was an opportunity for me, Brian Poe, and Pookie Jones to get a chance to talk to the players one on one. The entire team looked like they were ready to play some football, but who enjoyed the most success over the summer break?

Big Dewayne, Jeremy Caudill, David Johnson, Tommy Cook, Derek Abney, Sweet Pea Burns, and especially Otis Grigsby looked fantastic.  There were more than a few of the wildcats in the weight and conditioning room this summer doing what it takes to become competitors in the SEC, 113 of them in fact. 


The results were across the board.  From Otis gaining 25 lbs to get to 270, to Trey Mielsch going from 240 to 255, the staff has done its job in getting the players to a weight where injuries could be less of a factor.


And that seemed to be the overlying question, depth issues and what happens when the starters get hurt.  The UK wildcats have had numerous problems in the past keeping its key players healthy.  Question after question posted to Guy Morriss in the initial press conference asked about the depth, or lack there of, in certain positions.  Most obvious are positions like Defensive End, and….okay, well lets be specific here, every single position at UK has some questions regarding quality of depth.


Most notably is the offensive line.  In talking with Mark Hill, he stated that the players who were having consistent injury problems needed to work more on the mid-section.  By strengthening the stomach, players have a stronger center of gravity, thus making them able to control what is happening to them on the football field.


Dewayne Robertson reiterated that statement, saying that he mostly worked on crunches and making his stomach stronger to have the break out season most were expecting last year.


As with most media days, the air of optimism and new horizons abounded.  Some feel that optimism is unwarranted, but I feel differently.  There was something that I noticed about all the interviews, and interviewee's as I walked around C.M. Newton (cough, cough) field. 


Players like David Johnson were not answering questions about the guys backing him up as if he was trying to convince himself that the backups would be good enough.  He was answering the questions as if the reporter was stupid for asking them.  That he knew the backups would do their job, and that David was worrying about David being the best.


But we shall see what all of this conditioning, confidence and film room work has done for this Kentucky squad in fall practice.  I think the coaches are looking forward to those answers as much as the media and fans are.  I believe the coaches when they say that another year under the system will make the team better out of the gate, and that things will be different this year against Louisville


Whatever those answers may be, it was a lot of fun for me, Pookie, and Brian.  Look for compete articles on all the interviews of the players in the near future.


By the way, practice starts Monday at 9 am just in case there are a few of you out there who want to see the Cats in action.


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