VAUGHT: Cohen likes his recruits

John Cohen knows this will be a different type Kentucky baseball than the one he had last season when the Wildcats shocked Southeastern Conference opponents and earned a bid to the NCAA Tournament. However, Cohen still believes this will be a winning team again.

"We like our club. It won't be a club that will hit 99 home runs. We will run the bases aggressively. Defensively, we will be better. I think our (pitching) arms will be better I think we may be able to beat people with velocity on the mound, which is nice to see," Cohen said. "Recruiting has gone very well, very well. Our recruiting class was ranked 21st in the country. I am biased, but I think we are better than that. You don't know about recruiting classes, but from what I have seen since they have been on campus, I think we are better than that (21st).

Of the 20 recruits, 11 are pitchers. Cohen says junior college transfer pitcher Aaron Lovett "has dominant stuff" and that feels "really good" about the overall new infusion of pitching talent.

Considering teams have only 11.7 scholarships total to offer in baseball, bringing in 20 players is no easy task. However, bringing in 20 quality players is even more impressive.

"Two years ago we may have taken a player in a heartbeat that we will not even take now because we are more choosey," Cohen said. "It's surprising how many people want to come to the University of Kentucky. That makes our job easier. Getting into the homes and finalizing the deal is difficult, but we think recruiting has been phenomenal."

Cohen thinks his recruits could develop Kentucky into a team again in the future that could hit 100 homers like UK did last year. But not this year.

"This year we have to create offense in different ways. We will probably run more than we ever have. But I really think we have a nice mix on this team and I think we are going to have another successful season," Cohen said.

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