Georgia has 'owned' the Cats in their series

We may have a few warts to get rid of, but this team has set themselves up to do something that very few teams have accomplished at Kentucky in the last 30 years.

We may have a few warts to get rid of, but this team has set themselves up to do something that very few teams have accomplished at Kentucky in the last 30 years. The last time the Wildcats beat the Dogs was back in 1996. If we look at the last 30 years, Georgia has owned the series with 27 wins to Kentucky's 3.

In 1977 when the Wildcats went 10-1 under Coach Fran Curci, the Wildcats went undefeated at home, and have never repeated that feat to this day. Their only loss that year was to Baylor on the road, and their wins came against North Carolina, West Virginia, Penn State, Mississippi St, LSU, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, Florida and Tennessee. Although the Wildcats do not have a shot at going undefeated at home this year, they do have a shot at having only one loss which has also not occurred very often in the Cats history.

In 1976, the Cats only home loss was to the Georgia Bulldogs, and they finished the season 9-3. In the last 30 years, the Wildcats have only had 8 seasons with 6 or more wins, and won 7 or more games only 5 times in the same span.

Even in the most recent celebrated 2002 season where the Cats went 7-5, they did not own their home turf. They lost to LSU, South Carolina and got run over by Georgia 24-52 in Commonwealth that year. In 1998 the Cats almost went undefeated at home beating Eastern Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, but lost to Georgia by 2 points 28-26. Back in 1987 under Jerry Claiborne, the Cats had a 5-6 season where they beat Utah State, Indiana, Ohio University, Mississippi and Virginia Tech at home, but lost to Tennessee. In 1983 the Cats went 4-1-1 at home.

With 3 home games left on the schedule this year the Wildcats have an opportunity to finish the season with only 1 loss at home, and finish the season with 6 wins, or even 7 if we can steal one in Knoxville to finish the season.

The argument that beating Georgia would not be a signature win for the program is a ridiculous one. Having only beat the Bulldogs 3 times in the last 30 years would make this a huge win for the Wildcats. It could set us up to finish the season with a winning record, and could place us ahead of the Bulldogs in the SEC rankings. This is a huge game for the program, and should not be belittled by anyone because the Dogs are struggling a little bit.

Is there anything that will make the negative fans happy? People who are trying to be supportive of the successes the program has made are cut down by people who want to only see the negative. I would think that winning a game that we are not expected to win would be a step in that direction, and this game should certainly qualify.

There is no Bear Bryant curse on this program, only people who want to believe in it, and propagate negativity. The Wildcats have put themselves in a position that few Kentucky teams have seen. If you have been a fan for the last 30 years, you know how big this season could be. To build a winning and successful program, it is important that when teams come to your house, they know it is going to be a hard place to win. The Wildcats have an opportunity to make this a reality.

If you are a fan of the Wildcats, make it your mission to show up at the game Saturday. Show up at the Catwalk 2 hours and 15 minutes before the game to pump the guys up. This is a HUGE game for the program, and if you want to help the Wildcats turn the corner, do your part. It may be a little cold Saturday, but the chance of rain is very low. If you still want to complain and be pessimistic about where the program is going, give your tickets to someone who maybe can?t afford to take their family, and who would love to see a football game. Don't let your tickets go unused, and don't let the Dogs fill up anymore seats in OUR HOUSE than possible. A lot of area hotels have no rooms available, so I would imagine that quite a few Georgians are making the drive up 75 to watch the game. If you live in the area, here is an opportunity to be at a game that could signal the turning point of the Wildcat football program. The team needs your support, they need you to be loud; and they are going to do their best to deliver. If we can take them out of the game at the beginning, we need to not let them back in. Being very loud when the Bulldogs are on offense could be difficult for their young quarterback to overcome.

If you don't like loud places, bring your ear plugs to the game; because even I don't want to miss this game. Our team has found a way to win despite the number of players we have lost to injury. We have seen our team on the receiving end of bad calls, and to actually have them overturned! (Great catch by Dicky Lyons last week!) We have created some turnovers at crucial times, and we finally shut down the running game last week. Help this team build their esteem up instead of continuously trying to knock it down. I believe every player on this team is a winner, and now they have a chance to show the fans they are winners.

Over 100 years ago, in 1909, the head of the military department told the team after a game they had fought like Wildcats? and the nickname stuck. We can win this game. If you believe it, the team will, too. It?s time to show everyone that our team can still own up to the name, fighting like Wildcats. Beat the Dogs!

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