VAUGHT: Phillips enjoys "team" victory

Joker Phillips couldn't stop smiling as he answered questions and looked around at the smiles on Kentucky players' faces as they answered questions after Saturday's 24-20 win over Georgia.

"This was a total team victory. We played solid on special teams, solid on defense, solid on offense. Most importantly, we made big plays when we needed to in all three phases, and that's what you have to do to win a tough game.

"There's no substitute for fighting to get a win like this. We had a lot of injuries coming into the game. Some guys really came into this game beat up and banged up, and they ended up playing a very physical game and winning. That's huge for this program and for the confidence of all these players. They've not really done that before and once you do it, it's easier to do it the next time."

Kentucky had numerous chances to let Saturday's win slip away. But this time when UK needed a big offensive or defensive play, someone made it. Phillips, UK's offensive coordinator, says not to underestimate the role coach Rich Brooks played in the victory.

"I think Rich does an unbelievable job in how he handles all the negatives that come at him. I think our team responds to that. They see him never crumbling and never folding and never getting upset about what people say. I think our team has responded to that. They just love playing for the guy," Philips said. "We have got a plan and we stick to the plan. Now we are starting to get results."

Will that win help recruiting, especially since UK goes to Georgia to land players like Braxton Kelley, Wesley Woodyard and Hayden Lane?

"This win is big for recruiting. We are heavy in the state of Georgia. We have kids still looking to see if we can get it done here and hopefully this win here will let them know we are headed in the right direction. We just have to finish a couple of more games and then let recruits judge us on what we have done," Phillips said.

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