Pictures from Todays Practice 8-14-02

A few pictures of todays action

Shane Boyd gets ready to throw one

Chad Anderson explodes in a Linebacker drill


Demarcus flies by a would be defender

Dustin Williams gets back into the beginning of the drill...he is sporting a new tattoo, I'll try to get a pic tomorrow

Otis running through a tough DE drill

Glenn Holt tries to find where the defender is

Deion Holts watching Coach Nelson teach

Deion Holts and Otis Grigsby laughing as Coach Nelson lightens the mood

Coach Pease proclaiming how many brain cells Brian Poe still has working

Jared Lorenzen gets ready to throw

Guy Mo checking out the practice

Ronnie Riley patrols the middle of the field

The middle men will be fun to watch this year

Sweet Pea Burns goes through the same drill as Otis

Sweet Pea is a thinking man....

Warren Wilson, get better bud

The finish of another great catch by Demarcus

Tatum was sensational on Wednesday

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