Derrick Tatum suffers another UK freak injury

On this very play, Tatum came down incorrectly and injured his knee. The severity of the injury is uknown, but more should be available by tomorrow morning. So, who in world is going to be playing cornerback for the Cats come 9-1-02?

Todays action saw Arliss Beach on the sidelines, with Antonio in a strap on cast, and Warren Wilson hobbling around with a huge knee brace and crutches.  What in the world is going on, in a time where the players have yet to put full pads on?

One explanation could be that the curse of the bear is rearing his ugly head.  But realistically, one has to look at a few determining factors in the health of our players.  Number one, with the fact that coach had to tone down this mornings practice to "give the players a rest", and with a string of freak injuries, does conditioning have a part to play in crazy injury bug floating around?

That is hard to say, being that the injuries have been to the knee and ankle, not the hamstring or muscle, which are usually associated with poor conditioning.

The injuries have simply been freak, no other way to explain it.  All have been without contact, just coming down incorrectly, or turning the wrong way.  Not once has it been because of an intense hit, or a roll over.

So, where does Coach McGriff go from here?  Three years ago was supposed to be a bumper crop for cornerbacks, with Earven Flowers and Claude Sagaille and Leonard Burress all coming in to sure up the outside.  Of those three, only one remains at the position, with Flowers and Sagaille moving over to outside safety.  But, with the string of injuries over the past couple of days, they may need to be moved back.

Or perhaps, the experiment with some success last season moving Cumby to corner will have to be played out again.  If the coaching staff can somehow get Joe Spurlin eligible and in two-a days, and keep up the positive contribution from Travis Atwell, the move to corner may be a logical move.  Even if Spurlin can't it, the move may still need to be made.

Also, with Mike Williams who was also a natural corner still healthy and on the field, his move back from the outside safety position can also be an option.

At the moment, with our starters being Leonard Burress and Antoine Huffman, with Bo Smith and Manny Thurman (or Eric Ogletree) backing them up, the position gets more and more frightening to look at, especially once one thinks about the athletes UL puts on the field year in and year out at Wide Reciever.

Hopefully tomorrow morning we will hear more about what happened to Derrick.  From first glance, and a great camera angle and shot by Jeff Drummond, it looked as if the injury may be a hyper-extended knee, which would be much more desirable than a tendon tear.  Hold your breath cat fans until you are blue in the face, because right now we need all the luck we can get.

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