Pictures from Thursday 8-15-02

Some pictures from todays practice

Bo Smith may be counted out heavily in his first year

So will Leonard now that Warren Wilson gone and maybe Tatum

Alexis Bwenge needs to prove that he can backup Tuse

Jeremy Caudill needs to stay healthy

Big Dewayne and company need to get to the quarterback to take pressure off of the corners

Monquantae Gibson working on his ability to catch out of the backfield

Glenn Holt is moving up the depth chart very quickly despite one of his rare mishandles here

Danny Hopewell has been solid and could see some action in the next couple of years

Ellery Moore has looked great after his injury, and he needs too

Sevi could be the successor to Pakulak with a fantastic fall of punting and place kicking

Ahh, Derrick a second before his freak injury

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